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  • Use of graphene in a transistor configuration offers an alternative to metal electrodes for the recording of ultraslow neural potentials that occur in neurologic diseases.

    • Jed A. Hartings
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  • Higher-order topological acoustic metamaterials on kagome lattices, which host topologically protected corner states, can confine sound at corners. This may lead to applications of acoustic metamaterials in local acoustic field enhancement, trapping and manipulating of particles, and acoustic sensing and probing.

    • Zhengyou Liu
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  • The phenomenology of multiferroic quantum criticality, where both ferroelectric and magnetic order parameters are tuned by quantum fluctuations, is drawn out. Non-thermal tuning parameters such as alloying and strain are explored and material realizations proposed.

    • Awadhesh Narayan
    • Andrés Cano
    • Nicola A. Spaldin
  • Electro-optic modulators based on epitaxial barium titanate integrated on silicon can reach speeds up to 50 Gbit s–1.

    • Mo Li
    • Hong X. Tang
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  • Hydrogen from surface-based electrolysis is implicated in the operation of high-speed magneto-ionic devices. Functionalizing this discovery, a new family of potentially high-speed, high-efficiency ionic devices is born.

    • Dustin A. Gilbert
    • Alexander J. Grutter
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  • Electrolyte gating of complex oxides enables substantial control of electronic phase transitions, allowing electrical control of complex phenomena. Here, the role of both electrostatic and electrochemical mechanisms in this process is elucidated.

    • Chris Leighton
  • A crystal structure with one-dimensional order is identified in oxide ceramics, which is distinguished from the well-known categories of solid structures and potentially provides unexpected properties.

    • Eric A. Stach
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  • Structural transitions departing from the known phases of MoTe2 are induced by applying a vertical electric field to multilayers of this material. These distorted structures show distinct conducting states that can be used for resistive memories.

    • Daniel A. Rehn
    • Evan J. Reed
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  • An ordered structure that has only translational periodicity in one direction— unlike the known solid categories of crystal, quasicrystal and amorphous— is discovered in MgO and Nd2O3 ceramics.

    • Deqiang Yin
    • Chunlin Chen
    • Yuichi Ikuhara