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  • Graphene is potentially attractive for electrochemical energy storage devices but whether it will lead to real technological progress is still unclear. Recent applications of graphene in battery technology and electrochemical capacitors are now assessed critically.

    • Rinaldo Raccichini
    • Alberto Varzi
    • Bruno Scrosati
    Progress Article
  • Temperature can switch the thermodynamic phase of colloid–polymer mixtures by tipping the balance between competing attractive interactions induced by polymer depletion or adsorption.

    • Ah-Young Jee
    • Boyce Tsang
    • Steve Granick
    News & Views
  • Computer simulations of one-component three-dimensional icosahedral quasicrystals will help to understand the mechanisms that may stabilize them in experiments.

    • Marc de Boissieu
    News & Views
  • Model colloidal systems are a testbed for understanding aspects of the organization of matter.

  • Circularly polarized light actualizes the formation of chiral twisted ribbons from achiral semiconductor nanoparticles.

    • Bart Kahr
    • Alexander G. Shtukenberg
    News & Views
  • Janus ellipsoids self-assemble into self-limiting fibres that can be reversibly actuated by applying an electric field.

    • Eric M. Furst
    News & Views
  • The nucleation of a crystal within another can involve intermediate liquid nuclei.

    • Eduardo Sanz
    • Chantal Valeriani
    News & Views
  • Understanding entropic contributions to common ordering transitions is essential for the design of self-assembling systems with addressable complexity.

    • Daan Frenkel
  • Two conceptual strategies for encoding information into self-assembling building blocks highlight opportunities and challenges in the realization of programmable colloidal nanostructures.

    • Ludovico Cademartiri
    • Kyle J. M. Bishop