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  • Zhu-Jun Wang and Zhi Liu discuss how advanced characterization technologies have helped to understand ancient man-made materials and human history.

    • Zhu-Jun Wang
    • Zhi Liu
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  • Gabriele Rainò, Lukas Novotny and Martin Frimmer discuss the approach they are pursuing at ETH Zürich to provide students with an education in quantum engineering.

    • Gabriele Rainò
    • Lukas Novotny
    • Martin Frimmer
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  • Suhas Eswarappa Prameela, K. T. Ramesh and Tim Weihs highlight how students and postdocs can develop their competencies and skills during research collaboration.

    • Suhas Eswarappa Prameela
    • K. T. Ramesh
    • Timothy P. Weihs
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  • Olga Malinkiewicz, founder of Saule Technologies, discusses her transition from academia to industry.

    • Olga Malinkiewicz
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  • Litao Sun, Yongming Tang and Wei Zuo reflect on their experience of nationwide distance learning in China’s universities during the COVID-19 outbreak.

    • Litao Sun
    • Yongming Tang
    • Wei Zuo
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  • Now more than ever before, it is vitally important for scientists, clinicians and policymakers to communicate the significance of vaccination to the public in order to counteract the spread of misinformation.

    • Tonia M. Thomas
    • Andrew J. Pollard
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  • Laura Benzonana and Nikos Sgantzis reflect on their experience as organizers for Pint of Science in Greece.

    • Laura Benzonana
    • Nikolaos Sgantzis
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  • Taking ‘upon request’ out of data availability statements in papers.

    • Natasha Noy
    • Aleksandr Noy
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  • Donata Iandolo and Gonçalo Silva on the need for an open discussion on mental health in academia.

    • Donata Iandolo
    • Gonçalo Silva
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