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  • The authors investigate the origins of chirality transfer across length scales, quantitatively demonstrating how chirality propagates from the molecular to liquid crystal level in filamentous virus systems.

    • Eric Grelet
    • Maxime M. C. Tortora
  • The authors demonstrate a programmable topological photonic chip with large-scale integration of silicon photonic nanocircuits and microresonators that can be rapidly reprogrammed to implement diverse multifunctionalities.

    • Tianxiang Dai
    • Anqi Ma
    • Jianwei Wang
    ArticleOpen Access
  • Quantum coherent control of single-photon-emitting defect spins have been reported in hexagonal boron nitride, revealing that spin coherence is mainly governed by coupling to a few proximal nuclei and can be prolonged by decoupling protocols.

    • Hannah L. Stern
    • Carmem M. Gilardoni
    • Mete Atatüre
    ArticleOpen Access
  • Integrating electrochemically actuated soft robotics with ultra-flexible microelectrodes enables reversible and gentle wrapping around nerves for high-quality recordings.

    • Klas Tybrandt
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  • Halide perovskite nanocrystal scintillators detect high-energy protons with sensitivity suitable for clinical applications.

    • Matthew C. Beard
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  • Lithium-rich oxygen-redox cathodes demonstrate high capacities, but lose energy density when cycled, showing cation disordering and formation of nanovoids and bulk molecular O2. These structural changes are shown to be a consequence of a kinetically viable and thermodynamically favoured local phase segregation mechanism.

    • Kit McColl
    • Samuel W. Coles
    • M. Saiful Islam
    ArticleOpen Access
  • Control over topological antiferromagnetic entities is achieved at room temperature in multiferroic nanodevices using an electric field that induces magnetoelectric coupling to ferroelectric centre states.

    • Arthur Chaudron
    • Zixin Li
    • Vincent Garcia
  • The slow turn-on speed in accumulation-mode organic electrochemical transistors is explained by asymmetric ion transport in switching kinetics.

    • Hang Yu
    • Jenny Nelson
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  • A wide range of zero-dimensional powders can be converted into versatile, high-performance one-dimensional micro-/nanofibres by using two-dimensional cellulose sheets as a mediator, preserving the particles’ nanostructural features and acting as building blocks for complex geometric shapes to satisfy application requirements.

    • Xizheng Wang
    • Liangbing Hu
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  • ‘Two colour’ pump–probe experiments on yttrium iron garnet discs demonstrate how to harness dissipation of magnetic oscillations. This may have important implications for the use of magnetic materials for information processing.

    • Takis Kontos
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  • Physical vapour deposition of small-molecule glass formers onto soft substrates enhances the local dynamics at the top free surface, leading to the formation of denser glasses and providing access to states deeper in the potential energy landscape.

    • Connie B. Roth
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