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  • Designing highly ordered and ultrathin nanoporous membranes achieves superior water flux, while maintaining high selectivity for NaCl rejection.

    • Chrystelle Salameh
    • Damien Voiry
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  • Resonant X-ray scattering experiments have revealed a charge-ordered phase next to the recently discovered superconducting phase in layered nickelates — in remarkable analogy to the cuprate high-temperature superconductors.

    • Eva Benckiser
    • Matthias Hepting
    • Bernhard Keimer
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  • In the absence of biochemical gradients, cancer cell migration over fibrillar isotropic collagen can occur by a mechanical self-steering process involving asymmetric matrix deformation from the rear.

    • Katarina Wolf
    • Peter Friedl
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  • Gang Qian from CITIC Pacific Special Steel, one of the major steelmakers in China, talks to Nature Materials about their experience and perspective on moving towards decarbonization.

    • Xin Li
  • Steel underpins modern society but its production generates intensive carbon dioxide emissions. For its sustainable development, the steel industry requires technology and product upgrades, driven by innovation and cooperation.

  • The steel industry in China has an important role in reducing national and global carbon emissions, demanding integrated actions and efforts across policies, industry and science to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.

    • Zhuo Kang
    • Qingliang Liao
    • Yue Zhang
  • Laser additive manufacturing can be exploited to generate unique internally twinned nanoprecipitates in commercial titanium alloys, paving the way to fabricate ultrastrong metallic materials with intricate shapes for broad applications.

    • Yuman Zhu
    • Kun Zhang
    • Aijun Huang
  • The authors use circularly polarized light pulses to trigger all-optical magnetization switching in an atomically thin ferromagnetic semiconductor. The switching process is related to spin angular momentum transfer from photoexcited carriers to local magnetic moments.

    • Peiyao Zhang
    • Ting-Fung Chung
    • Xiang Zhang
  • Ensemble-level experimental evidence of exciton fine-structure splitting in perovskite quantum dots has been demonstrated, correlated to the intrinsic symmetry of these nanocrystals.

    • Gabriele Rainò
    • Maksym V. Kovalenko
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  • The variation in the properties of rare earth (RE) steels is shown to stem from the presence of oxygen-based inclusions, and only under very-low-oxygen conditions can RE elements perform a vital role in purifying, modifying and micro-alloying steels.

    • Dianzhong Li
    • Pei Wang
    • Yiyi Li
  • By exploiting subfemtosecond control of light pulses, researchers demonstrate an ultrafast logic gate based on the waveform-dependent photocurrent generated by real and virtual carriers in graphene.

    • Klaas-Jan Tielrooij
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  • The success of silicon photonics is a product of two decades of innovations. This photonic platform is enabling novel research fields and novel applications ranging from remote sensing to ultrahigh-bandwidth communications. The future of silicon photonics depends on our ability to ensure scalability in bandwidth, size and power.

    • Michal Lipson
  • Negative capacitance (NC) is a promising route towards low-power electronics. Here, a theory clarifying the connection between NC and voltage amplification is presented, and it is predicted that incipient ferroelectric states that do not necessarily maximize NC can result in a tenfold voltage amplification.

    • Mónica Graf
    • Hugo Aramberri
    • Jorge Íñiguez
    Letter Open Access