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Volume 27 Issue 6, June 2021

Volume 27 Issue 6

AI-guided cancer radiotherapy

McIntosh et al. describe an artificial intelligence (AI) model that generates radiation treatment plans for patients with prostate cancer. Following a stepwise framework, AI was successfully deployed in a standard-of-care clinical setting, providing gains in efficiency, improved treatment quality, and an understanding of physicians’ decision-making and perceptions of AI use when patient care is at stake. The cover by Adam Badzynski illustrates the AI embedded within the therapeutic clinical realm, with the patient at the center and the AI working collaboratively with the healthcare team to achieve an optimal personalized radiation treatment.

See McIntosh et al.

Image credit: Adam Badzynski Cover design: Marina Spence


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    The surge in COVID-19 cases in India and Brazil highlights the need to improve vaccine manufacturing capacity and investment in public health at the local level.

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    Oligonucleotides offer therapeutic potential for patients with genetic disorders carrying unique mutations, but developing individualized therapies is not supported by the current process for drug development.

    • Annemieke Aartsma-Rus


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