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Volume 27 Issue 4, April 2021

Volume 27 Issue 4

Vascular remodeling in ALS

Although brain perivascular fibroblast cells were not previously considered to be involved in the etiology of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), their activity shows a promising early indication of disease symptoms. Månberg and colleagues show that perivascular fibroblast cells become activated in patients with sporadic ALS and in mouse models at an early stage that precedes neuronal loss. The cover artwork by Mattias Karlen shows the location of perivascular fibroblast cells in the neurovascular unit and the formation of an enlarged perivascular space.

See Månberg et al.

Image credit: Mattias Karlen. Cover design: Marina Spence.


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    Gene-therapy trials are on the rise, but more needs to be done to understand the long-term risks associated with this type of treatment.

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    A comprehensive review of the current literature on post-acute COVID-19, also referred to as long COVID, its pathophysiology and its organ-specific sequelae highlights the need for multidisciplinary follow-up and care of COVID-19 survivors.

    • Ani Nalbandian
    • Kartik Sehgal
    • Elaine Y. Wan

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