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  • Examination of the vaccine strategies and technical platforms used for the COVID-19 pandemic in the context of those used for previous emerging and reemerging infectious diseases and pandemics can offer critical lessons to prepare for future public health emergencies.

    • Jean-Louis Excler
    • Melanie Saville
    • Jerome H. Kim
    Review Article
  • A comprehensive review of the current literature on post-acute COVID-19, also referred to as long COVID, its pathophysiology and its organ-specific sequelae highlights the need for multidisciplinary follow-up and care of COVID-19 survivors.

    • Ani Nalbandian
    • Kartik Sehgal
    • Elaine Y. Wan
    Review Article
  • A large genomic surveillance effort in South Africa produced 1,365 high-quality whole genomes of SARS-CoV-2; this has identified 16 new lineages of the virus that had not been identified in other countries.

    • Anise N. Happi
    • Chinedu A. Ugwu
    • Christian T. Happi
    News & Views
  • All countries worldwide have signed up to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and committed to the objective of achieving universal health coverage. Getting there will require understanding how packages of essential health services can be developed in resource-constrained settings and how experts and the public can make decisions about which health services should be provided free of charge.

    • Stéphane Verguet
    • Alemayehu Hailu
    • Ole Frithjof Norheim
  • Recent advances in computational and laboratory sciences are helping researchers to address large-scale sustained emergencies, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and constantly adapt to the emergence of new questions, data and findings in order to synthesize real-time evidence that will inform policy decisions.

    • Joseph T. Wu
    • Kathy Leung
    • Gabriel M. Leung
  • Antisense oligonucleotides that target lamin A/C pre-mRNA decrease both progerin transcript levels and progerin protein levels and extend lifespan in an animal model of Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome.

    • Gwladys Revêchon
    • Daniel Whisenant
    • Maria Eriksson
    News & Views
  • An analysis of life expectancy and cause of death in 363 Latin American cities unveils wide differences between cities in the same country, and sheds light on the socioeconomic factors that determine how long people live and how they die.

    • Fernando Lanas
    • Pamela Seron
    News & Views
  • New personalized brain-stimulation methods for the treatment of depression and obsessive–compulsive symptoms provide hope for future treatment applications.

    • Martijn Figee
    • Helen Mayberg
    News & Views
  • A comprehensive strategy for the next steps to ensure vaccination of the global population against SARS-CoV-2 is now required, and key steps and challenges are detailed in this Perspective.

    • Jerome H. Kim
    • Florian Marks
    • John D. Clemens
  • An algorithm developed through machine learning on existing radiological data from diverse people has the potential to improve the diagnosis and management of knee pain from osteoarthritis and reduce racial disparities in the assessment of knee pain.

    • Said A. Ibrahim
    News & Views
  • Analysis of glycemic and non-glycemic characteristics in individuals at risk for type 2 diabetes identifies six putative subgroups that differ in terms of risk of diabetes progression and complications.

    • Miriam S. Udler
    News & Views