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  • Examination of the vaccine strategies and technical platforms used for the COVID-19 pandemic in the context of those used for previous emerging and reemerging infectious diseases and pandemics can offer critical lessons to prepare for future public health emergencies.

    • Jean-Louis Excler
    • Melanie Saville
    • Jerome H. Kim
    Review Article
  • A comprehensive review of the current literature on post-acute COVID-19, also referred to as long COVID, its pathophysiology and its organ-specific sequelae highlights the need for multidisciplinary follow-up and care of COVID-19 survivors.

    • Ani Nalbandian
    • Kartik Sehgal
    • Elaine Y. Wan
    Review Article
  • Increased understanding of the biology of metastases allows improved targeting and outcomes for patients with both micro- and macrometastases.

    • Karuna Ganesh
    • Joan Massagué
    Review Article
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an accelerated development of applications for digital health, including symptom monitoring and contact tracing. Their potential is wide ranging and must be integrated into conventional approaches to public health for best effect.

    • Jobie Budd
    • Benjamin S. Miller
    • Rachel A. McKendry
    Review Article
  • Recent clinical observations have prompted clinicians to think of COVID-19 as being more than a respiratory disease.

    • Aakriti Gupta
    • Mahesh V. Madhavan
    • Donald W. Landry
    Review Article
  • Sex differences in the prevalence, risk factors and symptoms of cardiometabolic disorders are being elucidated and should be taken into account in diagnosis and treatment.

    • Eva Gerdts
    • Vera Regitz-Zagrosek
    Review Article
  • The microbiome influences response to cancer therapy, including cancer immunotherapy, and also plays a role in therapeutic toxicity.

    • Beth A. Helmink
    • M. A. Wadud Khan
    • Jennifer A. Wargo
    Review Article
  • The universal flu vaccine remains elusive, but there are several strategies that scientists can take to develop one, including closer monitoring of viral evolution.

    • Seiya Yamayoshi
    • Yoshihiro Kawaoka
    Review Article
  • The increased amount of health care data collected brings with it ethical and legal challenges for protecting the patient while optimizing health care and research.

    • W. Nicholson Price II
    • I. Glenn Cohen
    Review Article