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  • This Perspective delivers an introduction to syndemic thinking, and provides insights into how epidemics interact and what scientists, clinicians and policymakers can do with this information.

    • Emily Mendenhall
    • Brandon A. Kohrt
    • Alexander C. Tsai
  • The authors propose a new conceptual model of critical illness that moves away from the current syndrome-based framework in favor of more precise biological descriptors—spurred by mounting translational evidence and insights from Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) research.

    • David M. Maslove
    • Benjamin Tang
    • John C. Marshall
  • Precision medicine is reshaping cancer care, but the benefits are not accessible to all patients. This Perspective outlines the major challenges to the implementation of precision oncology and discusses critical steps toward resolving these.

    • Joaquin Mateo
    • Lotte Steuten
    • Emile Voest
  • Based on their experience of setting up genomic studies in underrepresented populations, the authors propose a roadmap to enhancing inclusion and ensuring that the health benefits of genomics advances are accessible to all.

    • Segun Fatumo
    • Tinashe Chikowore
    • Karoline Kuchenbaecker
  • All countries worldwide have signed up to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and committed to the objective of achieving universal health coverage. Getting there will require understanding how packages of essential health services can be developed in resource-constrained settings and how experts and the public can make decisions about which health services should be provided free of charge.

    • Stéphane Verguet
    • Alemayehu Hailu
    • Ole Frithjof Norheim
  • Recent advances in computational and laboratory sciences are helping researchers to address large-scale sustained emergencies, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and constantly adapt to the emergence of new questions, data and findings in order to synthesize real-time evidence that will inform policy decisions.

    • Joseph T. Wu
    • Kathy Leung
    • Gabriel M. Leung
  • A comprehensive strategy for the next steps to ensure vaccination of the global population against SARS-CoV-2 is now required, and key steps and challenges are detailed in this Perspective.

    • Jerome H. Kim
    • Florian Marks
    • John D. Clemens
  • PrEP is being incorporated into national HIV-prevention strategies in African countries, with key at-risk populations being prioritized. Expansion of these programs will require better access to and communication about these therapies.

    • Elizabeth M. Irungu
    • Jared M. Baeten