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  • Molecular medicine has undergone profound changes since the publication of the first issue of Nature Medicine 15 years ago this month. To keep up with these changes, we strengthen our commitment to publishing the best research and the most topical newsand commentary on translational medicine by adding more pages to the journal.

  • In newborn infants, permanent closure of a major blood vessel connecting the main pulmonary artery to the aorta is essential to allow adequate circulation of blood to major organs. Platelet aggregation now emerges as a crucial step in this process in newborn mice and, possibly, in preterm infants (pages 75–82).

    • Ronald Clyman
    • Sylvain Chemtob
    News & Views
  • Tumors use many strategies to evade the immune system. A new study adds a new trick to the list—inhibiting the migration of dendritic cells from tumors toward lymph nodes (pages 98–105).

    • Cornelis Melief
    News & Views
  • Eric Green, the new head of the US National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), has been involved with genomics since the term was first coined in the 1980s. Erica Westly spoke with Green about where he sees the genomics field heading and what role he thinks the NHGRI should have in the American health care system.

    • Erica Westly
  • The epigenome consists of a system of chemical tags that attach to our DNA and its associated molecules, switching genes on and off. But the system is not without glitches—and scientists think that the misplacement of these tags can cause disease. This idea has led to new drugs that aim to correct gene activity (and obliterate disease) by altering the proteins around which DNA winds. Cassandra Willyard examines whether this approach will unlock the long-awaited promise of epigenetic therapy.

    • Cassandra Willyard