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  • T cells can turn back cancer, but they don't always reach tumor cells in sufficient numbers to do so. A close look at the cells of tumor blood vessels suggests a way to boost T cell migration in individuals with cancer (pages 28–36).

    • Michael H Kershaw
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  • Deep brain stimulation is increasingly used in the treatment of Parkinson's disease, essential tremor and other disorders, yet its mechanism of action remains unknown. New findings suggest that at least some of its action involves the release of adenosine, dampening tremors (pages 75–80).

    • Wael Asaad
    • Emad Eskandar
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  • Propriospinal neurons, whose axons never leave the spinal cord, aid in recovery after spinal cord injury—even when all axons from the brain have been damaged (pages 69–74).

    • Dennis J Stelzner
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  • Vasopressin plays a vital part in homeostasis by regulating water excretion in the kidney. But it seems that vasopressin also dampens the inflammatory response to uropathogenic Escherichia coli—a finding that adds to a growing list of adverse actions of the 'antidiuretic hormone'.

    • Mark A Knepper
    • Robert A Star
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  • Excess salt intake over many years can lead to high blood pressure. An essential signaling mechanism behind this effect is now uncovered (pages 64–68).

    • Wilhelm Schoner
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  • Two hallmarks of lung fibrosis are vascular leakage and recruitment of fibroblasts into the alveoli. Lysophosphatidic acid is now implicated as a major regulator of both parameters (pages 45–54).

    • Klaus Ley
    • Alexander Zarbock
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