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  • An algorithm developed through machine learning on existing radiological data from diverse people has the potential to improve the diagnosis and management of knee pain from osteoarthritis and reduce racial disparities in the assessment of knee pain.

    • Said A. Ibrahim
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  • Analysis of glycemic and non-glycemic characteristics in individuals at risk for type 2 diabetes identifies six putative subgroups that differ in terms of risk of diabetes progression and complications.

    • Miriam S. Udler
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  • Liver metastases lead to resistance to immunotherapy through the ‘siphoning’ of tumor antigen–specific CD8+ T cells into the liver, which results in a systemic ‘immune desert’ incapable of controlling tumor burden.

    • Katherine E. Lindblad
    • Amaia Lujambio
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  • The Zero Childhood Cancer Program’s multi-platform sequencing approach identified molecular alterations in 94% of a cohort of 247 pediatric patients with high-risk cancers, which has enabled more-precise diagnoses and alternative therapeutic recommendations.

    • Djihad Hadjadj
    • Shriya Deshmukh
    • Nada Jabado
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  • An increase in cannabis use is inevitable, and the spread of its legalization will probably result in increasing use during pregnancy. A study from Canada uses real-world data to quantify the cognitive effects on offspring of in utero cannabis exposure.

    • Anick Bérard
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  • Vaccines directed against SARS-CoV-2 have been administered to healthy volunteers and have been shown to stimulate a brisk humoral and cellular immune response. All vaccines were generally well tolerated with mostly mild to moderate local and systemic reactions.

    • Kathryn M. Edwards
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  • Modeling the impact of COVID-19-mitigation strategies on malarial case management and prevention by health services in sub-Saharan Africa predicts 81,000 additional deaths in Nigeria and 769,000 in sub-Saharan Africa in 2020.

    • Rashid Ansumana
    • Osman Sankoh
    • Alimuddin Zumla
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  • In a study of 96,476 participants from the UK Biobank cohort who had their physical activity objectively measured by accelerometer, both the volume of physical activity and its intensity were associated with risk of mortality.

    • Jason M. R. Gill
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  • Metformin can promote the regeneration of neural precursor cell populations and improve cognitive function in a preclinical model of cranial radiation and a pilot clinical study of children after cranial radiation and chemotherapy.

    • Erin M. Gibson
    • Michelle Monje
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  • The Healthy Nevada Project shows that otherwise invisible disease risk can be revealed through DNA-based screening. Identifying these monogenic risks could be the first step toward a new population health-screening program.

    • Michael F. Murray
    • Monica A. Giovanni
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  • The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the crucial importance of antibody surveys in estimating the incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection at a population level. Studies in Brazil and China address the use of serology to obtain a better estimate of the infection rate.

    • Marion Koopmans
    • Bart Haagmans
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  • Injured human donor lungs deemed unsuitable for immediate transplantation may be successfully recovered by connection into the circulation of a porcine host with perfusion and ventilation ex vivo for 24 hours.

    • Andrew J. Fisher
    • John H. Dark
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