COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

Dementia research needs a global approach

The international community needs to prioritize research on interventions and preventative measures for dementia that are likely to produce the greatest global impact.


  • BoP

    The Burden of Proof Studies from the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation provide a new method for assessing the cumulative strength of available evidence for risk factors and associated health outcomes. Intended to complement existing tools for assessing evidence these studies will inform development clinical guidelines and health policy.

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    Nature Medicine presents a special Focus dedicated to the future of cancer research and care. We take stock of the latest exciting developments, as well as the challenges, gaps and inequities that must be resolved as we navigate the cancer research landscape of the next decade.

  • Crab, the avatar of cancer.

    Read about the latest advances in translational and clinical research, selected by the Nature Medicine editorial team.

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