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Progress at last against RSV

The approval of two vaccines and a monoclonal antibody that target respiratory syncytial virus could shift the tide on the prevention and treatment of infection with this virus.



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    • Mounting evidence, including the recent (and unprecedented) phase 2 data on retatrutide, supports a role for incretin hormone agonists in treating obesity. But with great power comes great responsibility.

      • Ildiko Lingvay
      • Shubham Agarwal
      News & Views
    • Using pathology data from Twitter, researchers have built a visual-language model for classifying and retrieving histopathology images — representing a milestone in the development of multifunctional foundational artificial intelligence models in computational pathology.

      • Ming Y. Lu
      • Bowen Chen
      • Faisal Mahmood
      News & Views
    • At a time when global mental health is in crisis, new data support the promotion of hobby engagement at the policy level in all countries.

      • Sophie Wickham
      News & Views
    • By integrating genomic and in vitro functional analysis, this study uncovers tumor-intrinsic mechanisms of resistance to immunotherapies that target B cell maturation antigen (BCMA) or the orphan G-protein-coupled-receptor GPRC5D in multiple myeloma (MM), highlighting a pivotal role for mutations in the genes encoding BCMA and GPRC5D in driving clinical relapse. These insights provide crucial guidance for the selection of therapeutic strategies and the development of next-generation targeted immunotherapies in MM.

      Research Briefing
    • Our study exposes the determinants of healthy aging in Latin America, underscoring the importance of the effects of social and health disparities compared with traditional factors such as age and sex. Our findings highlight an urgent need for more targeted detection of health risks, interventions and policies, particularly in low-income regions.

      Research Briefing

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