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To respond to the threat of avian influenza, look back at lessons from COVID-19

Tackling an avian influenza virus strain with pandemic potential should be straightforward — if lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic are heeded.



  • People of different ages and backgrounds coming together to form a healthy population

    Women’s health has been underfunded and underprioritized for too long, leading to delays in diagnosis and poor health outcomes. This series will bring together a range of viewpoints and new research focusing on the causes of ill health in women and the barriers to their health and wellbeing in the 21st Century.

  • Africa

    Join us for this free-to-attend, in-person conference in Nairobi, Kenya, catalyzing collaboration and driving change. Attendees will delve into cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs surrounding the epidemiology of dementia, the contributing risk factors and genetics, and advancements in early detection and diagnosis of dementia in Africa and globally.

  • dei series

    This ongoing series brings together a range of viewpoints on DEI in medical research, covering topics such as funding biases, workforce diversity and how to fix the lack of diversity of health data. Reach out to us to contribute your perspective.

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