Volume 6 Issue 7, July 2005

Volume 6 Issue 7

Nature Immunology celebrates its fifth anniversary this month. To mark this occasion, we have assembled a collection of landmark papers from our pages that highlight the broad subject area covered by Nature Immunology in the past 5 years. This content is free online (http://www.nature.com/ni/focus/birthday/index.html) during July. Artwork by Lewis Long.



News and Views

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    Notch is essential for T lineage cell differentiation. Three new papers look at when Notch signaling is required and how it affects different cell types.

    • Harald von Boehmer
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    Hypermutation of antibody-producing B cells occurs in germinal centers, but how autoimmunity from the generation of potentially self-reactive antibodies is avoided has remained puzzling. Characterization of a new mouse mutant, sanroque, indicates previously unknown tolerance mechanisms act at this stage.

    • Vigo Heissmeyer
    • , K Mark Ansel
    •  & Anjana Rao
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    After leaving lymphoid tissues, do T cells receive additional signals for survival and differentiation at effector sites? A unique cell population in the intestinal lamina propria may provide such a signal via the costimulatory molecule CD70.

    • Cecilia Johansson
    •  & Brian L Kelsall
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    Tumors that develop in immunocompetent hosts show reduced immunogenicity because of selective pressure to escape destruction by immune cells. Type I interferons are involved in shaping this evasive response but, unexpectedly, tumor cells are not the main targets of these interferons.

    • Mark J Smyth






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    Nature Immunology turns five

    To celebrate our 5 years of serving the immunology community, we have assembled a collection of papers that illustrates the breadth of subject matter our pages cover.