Volume 6 Issue 4, April 2005

Volume 6 Issue 4

The 'yin-yang' icon is a symbol of balance and harmony between two opposing forces. These forces are pervasive in our immune system, where the balance between regulatory T cells and reactive cells is important in maintaining homeostasis. This month we focus on the biology and function of regulatory T cells with a series of specially commissioned articles. The content and additional features are free online (www.nature.com/ni/focus/regulatory_tcells) during April 2005. Cover by Lewis Long.




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  • News & Views |

    Double-positive thymocytes are selected into the CD4 or CD8 lineage on the basis of their T cell receptor specificity. The transcription factor cKrox has been identified as being both required and sufficient to direct thymocytes undergoing positive selection to the CD4 lineage.

    • Rose Zamoyska
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    Different peptide antigens induce T cell repertoires of very different diversity. An analysis of the effect on T cell receptor usage of re-engineering peptide features indicates that a lack of prominent side chains presented for recognition limits the T cell repertoire.

    • E Yvonne Jones
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    The MAP kinase p38 is normally regulated by the MAPKKK-MAPKK pathway in mammalian cells. However, analysis of T cell signaling shows an alternative pathway for p38 activation exists.

    • Christopher E Rudd




  • Focus |

    Regulatory T Cells

    Four review articles and a perspective examine the biology and function of regulatory T cells.