Volume 6 Issue 11, November 2005

Volume 6 Issue 11

L-selectin interacts with specialized glycans on high endothelial venules. Fukuda and colleagues (p 1096) and Rosen and colleagues (p 1105) report two sulfotransferases that function cooperatively to add sulfate esters to specific sugar residues on glycans are essential for L-selectin-mediated lymphocyte homing. The image depicts L-selectin binding (red) and expression of one sulfotransferase (green) on high endothelial venules. See also News and Views by McEver (p 1067). Original fluorescence micrograph by Hiroto Kawashima. Art work by Lewis Long.



News and Views

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    L-selectin expressed by lymphocytes interacts with specialized glycans on endothelium to mediate lymphocyte rolling. Two sulfotransferases that act cooperatively to add sulfate esters to a specific sugar residue on glycans are critical for this process.

    • Rodger P McEver
  • News & Views |

    CD4+ T cells have been classically separated into two dominant effector populations: T helper types 1 and 2. Two new studies suggest that T cells producing interleukin 17 constitute a previously unknown lineage of CD4+ T cells.

    • Thomas A Wynn
  • News & Views |

    Naturally occurring regulatory T cells are key in controlling autoimmune and inflammatory responses. New data indicate that although interleukin 2 signals are not essential for regulatory T cell development in the thymus, they are critical for maintenance of these cells in the periphery.

    • Kevin J Maloy
    •  & Fiona Powrie
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    The B cell antigen receptor complex serves as a 'multipurpose machine'. Two new studies provide mechanistic insights into its activation- and anergy-related functions.

    • Jürgen Wienands
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    The cellular RNA helicase RIG-I initiates an antiviral response through the activation of several protein kinases. The physical link between RIG-I and these 'downstream' kinases has now been identified.

    • Ganes C Sen
    •  & Saumendra N Sarkar

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