Multicolor flow cytometry

BD Multicolor Flow Cytometry
Working Together to make your science more revealing.

Multicolor flow cytometry should help to advance your science, not complicate it. That's why we work to deliver innovative solutions that help make your research efforts more efficient and more revealing. From brighter dyes and advanced instrumentation that resolve populations of interest to the availability of an expert at just the right time, it all works together to help you get quality data out of every study.

Our comprehensive catalog of flow cytometry systems, antibody specificities, fluorochromes, tools, and world class support provide flexibility and choice that can meet your unique needs. Furthermore, BD Biosciences is always working to move science forward, so your research efforts can be faster, easier, and more reliable.

Find out how multicolor flow cytometry from BD Biosciences can help to advance your science. bdbiosciences.com/go/multicolor/