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  • Social media has transformed the way we communicate science. Here is a step-by-step guide to promote the science of your own study or of others as a thread on Twitter.

    • Akiko Iwasaki
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  • The consequences of climate change on human health are substantial and are now recognized as important contributors to allergic diseases. Thus, allergists and immunologists urgently need to take action to curtail its effect and modify its long-term course.

    • Marc E. Rothenberg
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  • Could we have predicted that the second deadliest pandemic encountered since the influenza pandemic of 1918 would result in the highest mortality and adverse health outcomes among minority and underserved populations in the United States? Given the abundant evidence documenting the disproportionately high burden of preventable disease, disability, and injury among these underserved groups, our answer should echo a resounding ‘yes’.

    • Harlan P. Jones
    • Nicole R. Phillips
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  • Like other countries in the region, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was deeply affected by the pandemic. However, its foresight and proactive policies helped to create opportunities out of the challenges and spurred the development of trilateral collaborations involving government, academia and industry.

    • Ahmed R. Alsuwaidi
    • Farida I. Al Hosani
    • Basel K. al-Ramadi
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  • Taiwan has leveraged its experience in containing the 2003 SARS outbreak by responding to the COVID-19 crisis with rapid measures, early deployment, prudent actions and transparency. Collectively, these actions have created the ‘Taiwan model’ for combating COVID-19.

    • Shih-Chung Chen
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  • The COVID-19 response in India has been rapid, strategic and multipronged and has adapted to the evolving pandemic situation.

    • Manisha Madkaikar
    • Nivedita Gupta
    • Umair Ahmed Bargir
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  • To cope with the new situation during the pandemic, the Turkish people have united in the fight against SARS-CoV-2 with their healthcare workers, scientists and government. We are waiting for the global pandemic to end soon.

    • Deniz Çağdaş
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  • Early preparedness, contact tracing, isolation and testing, coupled with timely border closure, physical distancing and community adherence, have been key measures in controlling COVID-19 in Vietnam.

    • Le Van Tan
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  • The greatest discoveries in science often come from unexpected findings based on curiosity and passion, rather than a precise plan. The same is true of our careers.

    • Hedda Wardemann
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  • Men have a role to play as well in leveling the playing field for women scientists. This includes creating inclusive environments and accepting women as equal partners in the pursuit of science.

    • Marion Pepper
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  • As scientists, we develop technical expertise and design experiments to support (or refute) our hypotheses. With experience, we appreciate that science can be conducted in a variety of ways — each with different key questions. All are critical for advancing biomedical research.

    • Cherié L. Butts
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