• Stromal-immune cell interactions

    Please see the Nature Portfolio Collection on Stromal–Immune Cell Interactions. You will find recent research articles and reviews that discuss the players and factors involved in stromal–immune cell interactions in both health and disease.

  • cancer immunotherapy

    This meeting will bring together experts from across the cancer immunotherapy field to present the most striking biological, technological, translational and clinical advances. Discussions will focus on how fundamental knowledge can be translated to the clinic, with insights gained in the clinical setting brought back to the lab to inform the development of innovative cancer immunotherapy approach

  • SARS-CoV-2 virions

    Nature Immunology has commissioned a Focus series of Reviews and Perspectives that discuss the innate and adaptive aspects of the immune response to SARS-CoV2, the possible mechanisms behind the large clinical variability in the response to infection, and considerations for vaccine and therapy strategies.

  • cancer and immune cellls

    Nature Immunology has commissioned a Series of Reviews to make sense of immune and cancer cell interactions, highlighting the utility of spatial and other OMIC technologies for analysis of the tumor microenvironment, immune cell dysfunction and how to counter it to enhance CAR-based and other immunotherapies, and more.

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  • IL-23 promotes tumor growth in preclinical cancer models and correlates with adverse clinical outcomes. Here, Becher and colleagues find that IL-23 produced by tumor-associated macrophages stabilizes Treg cell identity, promoting immunosuppression and tumor growth.

    • Tobias Wertheimer
    • Pascale Zwicky
    • Burkhard Becher
    ArticleOpen Access
  • Here, the authors characterize two distinct Treg cell populations in the visceral adipose tissue of lean and high-fat diet-fed mice. ST2+ Treg cells are dominant in male mice and are transcriptionally driven by GATA3 and PPARγ, regulators that limit the differentiation of the more female-dominant population of CXCR3+ Treg cells that are T-bet dependent. Functional distinctions are also evident in glucose tolerance and adipose inflammation.

    • Santiago Valle Torres
    • Kevin Man
    • Axel Kallies
  • Reis e Sousa et al. show that cDC2As and cDC2Bs are derived from distinct subsets of bone marrow pre-cDC2s, suggesting that the two lineages are ontogenetically determined.

    • Carlos M. Minutti
    • Cécile Piot
    • Caetano Reis e Sousa
    ArticleOpen Access
  • Here, the authors enhance their nasally delivered chimpanzee adenoviral-vectored SARS-CoV-2 vaccine with an Omicron-matched vaccine (ChAd-SARS-CoV-2-BA.5-S) that stimulates mucosal immunity in mice and hamsters and shows cross-reactive CD8+ memory T cell-driven protection against antigenically distant strains.

    • Baoling Ying
    • Tamarand L. Darling
    • Michael S. Diamond
    ArticleOpen Access

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