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Volume 14 Issue 6, June 2021

New particle formation in Antarctica

New particle formation is a major source of cloud condensation nuclei, important in the rapidly changing Antarctic climate. The image shows an aerial view of the Research Vessel Hesperides sampling ship-borne data on nucleation of biogenic particles from sulfuric acid and amines along the west coast of Graham Land, West Antarctica.

See Brean et al.

Image: Dr Manuel Dall´Osto, Institute of Marine Science - Spanish National Research Council, Barcelona, Spain. Cover Design: Valentina Monaco


  • Warm intervals in the geological record potentially hold the key to understanding ongoing changes in Earth’s climate. Our ability to unlock this information depends on continued technical and conceptual progress.



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News & Views

  • Analysis of global ocean carbonate chemistry and water mass age information confirms the substantial in situ dissolution of calcium carbonate particles in the upper water column.

    • Kitack Lee
    • Richard A. Feely
    News & Views
  • High-frequency radar tracking of icebergs floating in front of a glacier in Greenland show that movements of the ice mélange consistently increase before calving events, indicating that mélange has the potential to modulate calving.

    • Irena Vaňková
    News & Views
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Review Articles

  • Phosphorus plays a dynamic and complex role in marine biogeochemistry, which is closely connected to carbon, nitrogen and metal cycling, according to a literature synthesis on recent advances in understandings of the marine phosphorus cycle.

    • Solange Duhamel
    • Julia M. Diaz
    • Emily M. Waggoner
    Review Article
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