A red ship emerges from behind a large iceberg.

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Featuring articles on the emergence of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, melting ice core archives, wildfire aerosol emissions, and more.


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  • Nephrite jade is a semi-precious gemstone composed of tiny crystals and needles of amphibole. Here, Matthew Tarling and Steven Smith describe how its origins lead to inner toughness and beauty.

    • Matthew S. Tarling
    • Steven A. F. Smith
    All Minerals Considered
  • Urgent efforts are needed to collect and preserve ice cores from mountain glaciers before these archives are lost.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science will play a crucial role in improving environmental sustainability, but the energy requirements of these methods will have an increasingly negative effect on the environment without sustainable design and use.

    • Caroline Jay
    • Yurong Yu
    • David Topping
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, as is a Nature Geoscience cover image.

  • Magnetite is found throughout the Earth system and has many uses, explains Barbara Maher. It is a tracer of plate tectonic movements, a sub-cellular navigation aid and an economic resource, but also a pollutant.

    • Barbara Maher
    All Minerals Considered
  • Human exploration of the Solar System began on the Moon during the space race of the mid-twentieth century. To facilitate documentation and study of the human influence on the Moon, we argue it is time to designate a ‘Lunar Anthropocene’.

    • Justin Allen Holcomb
    • Rolfe David Mandel
    • Karl William Wegmann