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Volume 53 Issue 9, September 2021

Volume 53 Issue 9

Lung cancer in never smokers

The Sherlock-Lung study analyzes tumor genomic changes as ‘fingerprints’ to infer carcinogenic processes and evolutionary trajectories of lung cancer in never smokers.

See Zhanget al.

Image: National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health. Cover Design: Valentina Monaco.


  • Editorial |

    Although it should be a given that scholarly communication must be clear and accurate, researchers, particularly those in the field of human genetics, can also promote the responsible reporting of their findings to a broader public audience in ways that heighten understanding and reduce misinterpretation.


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    Here we introduce ‘FAQs on Genomic Studies’ (FoGS), an open-access repository of explanatory documents that accompany genomic analyses in social and behavioral genomics. For fields such as social and behavioral genomics that are shaped by an ugly history and uncertain future, socially and ethically responsible research and research communication are crucial. FoGS amplifies one such approach towards responsible research communication.

    • Daphne Oluwaseun Martschenko
    • Benjamin W. Domingue
    • Sam Trejo

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