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Volume 53 Issue 10, October 2021

Volume 53 Issue 10

A multi-population atlas of genetic associations

A Manhattan plot of cross-population genome-wide association studies is depicted as a traditional Japanese painting called a ‘ukiyoe’. Three origami cranes facing each other represent three global populations studied (Japan, UK and Finland), highlighting the importance of multi-ancestry analyses in human genetic studies.

SeeSakaue et al.

Image: Keisuke Itoh. Cover Design: Valentina Monaco

News & Views

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    Heterogeneity in brain tumors has been viewed through many lenses—from microscopes and experimental models to ‘omic’ analysis at the tissue and single-cell levels. Two studies now characterize patterns of DNA methylation and gene expression in single cells to reveal epigenomic underpinnings of cellular heterogeneity and plasticity in exquisite detail, including mechanistic insight into cellular transitions between stem-like and differentiated-like states.

    • Radhika Mathur
    • Joseph F. Costello



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