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Volume 52 Issue 6, June 2020

Volume 52 Issue 6

Equilibrium in the chromatin jungle

Lions (MLL2/COMPASS) keep zebras (PRC2) away, allowing the boat (RNA polymerase II) to travel down the river (DNA). When lions are not around (MLL2 knockout), zebras and crocodiles (DNA methyltransferases) block the boat. Without any animals, the boat is free to navigate.

See See Douillet et al.

Image: Nicole Ethen. Cover Design: Erin Dewalt.


  • Editorial |

    One of the many consequences of the global COVID-19 pandemic is the need for the scientific community to adapt to the cancellation of conferences and events because of travel restrictions and social-distancing guidelines. We have seen a very swift conversion to online meetings, which have allowed for this established form of science communication to continue and opened new avenues for innovation in the reporting of research and discussion of ideas.


News & Views

  • News & Views |

    Many normal tissues are populated by clonal expansions that compete for space. Colom et al. now show that mutant clones keep other mutant clones in check by effectively annulling one another’s advantages.

    • Kamila Naxerova
  • News & Views |

    TET2 and DNMT3A mutations lead to similar long-term outcomes in blood cancers despite the antagonistic biochemical functions of their encoded proteins. A new study highlights the opposing effects of TET2 and DNMT3A mutations in shaping the early erythroid or myeloid bias of hematopoietic progenitors.

    • Isaac F. López-Moyado
    • Anjana Rao

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