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Volume 51 Issue 1, January 2019

Volume 51 Issue 1

Raindrop patterns

Genetic variation from many thousands of individuals is needed to confidently detect regions depleted of variation. This cover image draws an analogy between genetic variation and rain falling on a sidewalk. We think of rainfall as being random. But what if it isn’t? We only begin to see non-random patterns with many raindrops.

See Havrilla et al.

Image: Sketch by Brett Thompson (Pixelcrane). Cover Design: Erin Dewalt.



News & Views

  • News & Views |

    The genomes for essentially all worm parasites of humans are in hand thanks to a new study. Now we have to use them.

    • Paul W. Sternberg


Brief Communications

  • Brief Communication |

    The long noncoding RNA SCHLAP1 has been reported to act by depleting the SWI/SNF complex from genomic sites, but new data show that SWI/SNF remains localized to chromatin in the presence of SCHLAP1, suggesting that SCHLAP1 may act independently of SWI/SNF.

    • Jesse R. Raab
    • Keriayn N. Smith
    • Terry Magnuson




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