About the Editors

Like the other Nature titles, Nature Genetics has no external editorial board. Instead, all editorial decisions are made by a dedicated team of professional editors, with relevant research and editorial backgrounds.

Chief Editor: Tiago Faial

Tiago Faial (ORCiD) obtained his Ph.D. from the Stem Cell and Developmental Biology program at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Jim Smith and Roger Pedersen, where he studied gene regulatory networks and signaling cascades that underpin mesoderm differentiation. For his postdoctoral work, Tiago joined Joanna Wysocka's laboratory at Stanfor​d University where he studied the dynamics of epigenetic landscapes in pluripotency. He joined the journal in 2015 and was appointed Chief Editor in 2022.


Senior Editor: Safia Danovi

Safia Danovi obtained her Ph.D. from the Barts Cancer Institute where she studied apoptotic signalling pathways downstream of DNA damage. After that, she joined Nature Reviews Cancer as a locum associate editor before moving to Cancer Research UK’s communication and funding teams. She was an associate editor at Nature Communications for a year before joining the Nature Genetics team in 2020.


Senior Editor: Michael Fletcher

Michael Fletcher (ORCID) studied for his Ph.D. at Cancer Research UK’s Cambridge Institute at the University of Cambridge in the laboratory of Bruce Ponder. His project used systems biology approaches to identify the functional mechanism by which FGFR2, a breast cancer risk locus identified using GWAS, exerts its effect. He then moved to Germany and was a postdoctoral fellow in the Molecular Genetics department of Peter Lichter at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, where he performed bioinformatics analysis to help characterize the epigenomic and master regulator landscapes of adult glioblastoma. He joined the journal in 2020.


Senior Editor: Wei Li

Wei Li (ORCiD) obtained her Ph.D. in Genetics and Genomics from Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Bin Han’s plant genomics and multi-omics research group. For her postdoctoral work, Wei moved to The Rockefeller University and then Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University at Anthony A. Sauve’s laboratory to study signaling networks in mammalian metabolic diseases such as diabetes. She joined the journal in 2017.


Senior Editor: Kyle Vogan

Kyle Vogan (ORCiD) obtained his Ph.D. from McGill University under the supervision of Philippe Gros, using the classical mouse mutants Splotch and Loop-tail to study the genetics of neural tube closure. For his postdoctoral work, he joined Cliff Tabin at Harvard Medical School where he studied the developmental mechanisms underlying vertebrate left-right axis specification. He joined the journal in 2003.