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  • To do good science, we need to include diverse perspectives, work across disciplines and think outside the box while reminding ourselves that our goal as scientists is to serve humanity. I am sharing my story to encourage others to trust their gut feelings and to have the courage to see what everyone sees, but think what no one has thought.

    • Rana Dajani
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  • Would genetics research be a priority for Rwanda while the country was rebuilding just after the 1994 genocide against Tutsi? This was a question that I needed to consider. Sometimes, it is very hard to make the best choice for your career in a new scientific discipline when you have no role models and the only way forward is to start from scratch. Later, however, you can look back on what you have accomplished with surprise, and pride, when you see all your efforts paying off. Here I tell the story of my journey in genetics research, from rebuilding a country after trauma to facing our current COVID-19 pandemic challenges.

    • Léon Mutesa
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  • It’s time for a paradigm shift in the scientific enterprise. Our social responsibilities, especially as stakeholders in a field such as genetics, are central to the responsible conduct of research.

    • Daphne Oluwaseun Martschenko
    • Markia Smith
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  • Given an opportunity to chronicle the experience of traversing America as a Black man, I elect to convey a less frequently told vantage point. This is the perspective of the ‘accomplished’ bootless.

    • Russell J. Ledet
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