Mutational signatures in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma from eight countries with varying incidence

  • Sarah Moody
  • Sergey Senkin
  • Michael R. Stratton


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  • The language used in genetic and medical research to describe populations has a fraught history, and current practices must be sensitively considered when reporting on genetic cohorts and analyses.

  • A concerning trend in genetics is the common use of the term ‘trans-ethnic’ to describe analyses that combine or compare several ancestrally diverse populations. In this commentary, we discuss how this term is inaccurate and alienating. We propose that geneticists avoid using the term trans-ethnic entirely and that researchers across disciplines reach a new consensus about the best terms to use to describe the populations we study.

    • Mireille Kamariza
    • Lorin Crawford
    • Hilary Finucane
  • Although it should be a given that scholarly communication must be clear and accurate, researchers, particularly those in the field of human genetics, can also promote the responsible reporting of their findings to a broader public audience in ways that heighten understanding and reduce misinterpretation.

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