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Ebola epidemic

Even if Ebola has faded from the headlines, the danger remains. As the largest and most deadly outbreak of Ebola winds down, scientists and public health officials are looking closely at what it will take to finish the job and to prepare better for the next big crisis. The apparent success of a nimble and creative clinical trial for a vaccine is a positive and instructive outcome. But many of the most important lessons come from failures in preparedness.

Here you can follow Nature’s full coverage of the crisis, including the travails of reporter Erika Check Hayden who travelled to Sierra Leone in December 2014, along with recent research and archival coverage of Ebola’s past.

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Did we learn?

  • Trial and triumph

    The success of an Ebola vaccine trial shows that clinical trials can be done under the difficult field conditions of an epidemic — if there is enough political and regulatory will.

    Nature (05 August 2015)

  • How to beat the next Ebola

    The world is ill-prepared for the next epidemic or pandemic. But the horror of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa may drive change.

    Nature (05 August 2015)

  • Ebola: Embed research in outbreak response

    Testing Ebola treatments in West Africa's epidemic happened too late. Research response during future outbreaks must be more nimble, says Trudie Lang.

    Nature (05 August 2015)


Dispatches from Sierra Leone


  • Understanding the Ebola virus

    From basic molecular research through to mapping and modelling. This Nature Webcast is now available to watch on demand.

    Nature (17 December 2014)


News feature


  • Ebola opportunity

    A slowdown in new cases offers a chance for control efforts to get ahead of the epidemic.

    Nature (26 November 2014)

  • Ebola: learn from the past

    Drawing on his experiences in previous outbreaks, David L. Heymann calls for rapid diagnosis, patient isolation, community engagement and clinical trials.

    Nature (09 October 2014)

  • Out of Africa

    The Ebola outbreak in West Africa must be shut down now, or the disease will continue to spread.

    Nature (07 October 2014)

  • First response, revisited

    The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has starkly exposed major gaps in plans to tackle emerging infectious diseases. Lessons must be learned.

    Nature (23 September 2014)

  • Ebola: time to act

    Governments and research organizations must mobilize to end the West African outbreak.

    Nature (09 September 2014)

  • Barriers to trust

    An outbreak of Ebola highlights the difficulties of implementing public-health measures.

    Nature (09 July 2014)

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