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Volume 6 Issue 5, May 2003

Volume 6 Issue 5

Experience-dependent changes in postsynaptic structure are well known, but Pico Caroni and colleagues now show that mature presynaptic terminals are dynamic structures as well. Using targeted GFP expression, they examined mossy fiber presynaptic terminals in mouse hippocampal slices. Terminals appeared and disappeared within 1-3 days and showed distinct properties based on terminal type. High-frequency stimulation increased the fraction of dynamic terminals via AMPA receptors, PKA and protein synthesis. See page 491.


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    Axon growth after CNS injury is restricted in part by several inhibitors found in myelin. The inhibition requires interaction of the Nogo receptor with the p75 neurotrophin receptor. A new paper now shows that the Rho inhibitor Rho-GDIα mediates this signaling.

    • David R. Kaplan
    •  & Freda D. Miller
  • News & Views |

    Long-term use of L-DOPA as a treatment for Parkinson disease can induce uncontrollable movements. A new report attributes this side effect to abnormal downregulation of synaptic plasticity.

    • Stephen Dunnett
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    Mice lacking a functional main olfactory system are shown to be able to detect some odorants via their vomeronasal organ, suggesting this system is not restricted to sensing pheromones.

    • Ivan Rodriguez
  • News & Views |

    Using prenatal and postnatal cross-fostering methods in mice, a new experiment shows that the intrauterine environment and postnatal care cooperate to influence behavior in adulthood.

    • John C. Crabbe
    •  & Tamara J. Phillips

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