Volume 3 Issue 9, September 2000

Volume 3 Issue 9

The cover shows the dendritic complexity of a hippocampal pyramidal neuron filled with fluorescently tagged biocytin. Magee and Cook show that dendritic EPSP amplitude increases with distance from the soma, counterbalancing the effects of dendritic filtering. Thus, at the soma, distal and proximal synapses have equal efficacy. Photo courtesy of S. Watanabe, C. Bernard and D. Johnston. See pages 849 and 895.


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    By showing that synaptic strength increases as a function of distance from the soma, Magee and Cook have solved the long-standing puzzle of how synapses on distal dendrites can influence action potential initiation.

    • Nelson Spruston
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    Elson and colleagues report the identification of a new, secreted ligand for the ciliary neurotrophic factor receptor, which is likely to be important during development.

    • Steven S. Lesser
    •  & Donald C. Lo
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    Multielectrode recording arrays in the moth antennal lobe indicate that the relative timing of action potentials may convey information about odor concentration and mixture.

    • C. Giovanni Galizia
    •  & Randolf Menzel
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    Single-neuron recordings in the human hippocampus, entorhinal cortex and amygdala demonstrate that cells in these areas can respond selectively to particular categories of visual stimuli.

    • Charles G. Gross

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