Volume 3 Issue 4, April 2000

Volume 3 Issue 4

Truncated and full-length TrkB receptors differentially regulate dendritic development. Cover shows a high magnification image of a ferret visual cortical slice transfected with GFP. See page 342.


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    How does the binding of agonist lead to a change in ion channel gating? Kohda and colleagues take advantage of the lurcher mutation to provide new insights into how binding of glutamate affects channel gating for AMPA, kainate and NMDA receptors.

    • Johannes J. Krupp
    •  & Gary L. Westbrook
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    A study of ocular dominance plasticity in mice lacking a synthetic enzyme for GABA suggests that increased cortical inhibition initiates the critical period for plasticity in primary visual cortex.

    • Daniel E. Feldman
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    Jagota and colleagues show that sectioning the suprachiasmatic nucleus in a different orientation than usual reveals two peaks of circadian activity, consistent with behavioral rhythms in vivo.

    • Jay C. Dunlap

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