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Volume 26 Issue 2, February 2023

Self and other coding in bats

Omer et al. report two distinct populations of hippocampal time cells in bats — one encoding time × context and another encoding pure time — as well as time cells that encode time and context for another animal; these neurons might underlie the perception of interval timing and episodic memory for self and other.

See Omer et al.

Image: Yossi Yovel, Weizmann Institute of Science. Cover Design: Marina Corral Spence.

Research Highlights

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News & Views

  • Craving is a core characteristic of drug addiction and eating disorders. A new study identifies an fMRI-based neural signature of craving that is common to both food and drugs, predicts self-reported craving, distinguishes drug users from non-users, and tracks the efficacy of a cognitive therapy technique to reduce craving.

    • Greg Kronberg
    • Rita Z. Goldstein
    News & Views
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Review Articles

  • Single-cell genomics reveal that Alzheimer’s dementia involves the complex interplay of virtually every major brain cell type. Cell-type-specific molecular perturbations modulate signaling pathways related to lipid handling, immune signaling and metabolic reprogramming.

    • Mitchell H. Murdock
    • Li-Huei Tsai
    Review Article
  • Sulaman et al. detail the neuronal underpinnings of sleep–wake states and discuss their intersection with hunger, fear and thermoregulatory circuits. They propose a de-arousal model for sleep initiation and highlight lingering questions in the field.

    • Bibi A. Sulaman
    • Su Wang
    • Ada Eban-Rothschild
    Review Article
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