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Volume 26 Issue 1, January 2023

Exclusion in human neuroimaging methods

The use of field-standard approaches in neuroscience and psychology can exclude participants from research, biasing our understanding of brain–behavior relations. Ricard, Parker, and colleagues discuss how we might address inequity in our scientific methodology. The cover image is a stylized illustration depicting exclusion in human neuroimaging methods. Cover concept: Mona Li, Jocelyn Ricard. Printed with permission from Mona Li Visuals.

See Ricard, Parker et al.

Image: Mona Li. Cover Design: Marina Corral Spence.

Research Highlights

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Research Briefings

  • Despite rich behavioral evidence, it is unclear how the brain expands its behavior repertoire. By building theoretical models with a deep reinforcement learning algorithm, I show that the brain composes a behavior to solve a novel task by combining previously acquired skills and augmenting their variability.

    Research Briefing
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