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Volume 23 Issue 9, September 2020

Posterior amygdala in social behavior

Yamaguchi et al. identify two largely spatially distinct subpopulations in the posterior amygdala (PA): MPN-projecting PA cells in the dorsomedial part and VMHvl-projecting PA cells in the ventrolateral part. The cover shows RNA expression patterns of genes enriched in whole PA (red: Zic2), PAMPN (blue: Npy2r) and PAVMHvl (green: Calb2) cells.

See Yamaguchi et al.

Image credit: Takashi Yamaguchi. Cover design: Marina Corral Spence.

News & Views

  • Pathological tau disrupts the association between nitric oxide (NO) synthase and PSD95, impairing NO signaling and neurovascular coupling before causing neurodegeneration. Stopping production of pathological tau rescues NO signaling, neurovascular coupling and neuronal function, but doesn’t remove tangles, suggesting that (like amyloid-β) soluble tau is an important driver of early neurovascular dysfunction and subsequent neuronal damage.

    • Orla Bonnar
    • Catherine N. Hall
    News & Views


  • Sleep is controlled by a cocktail of neurotransmitters, but it is difficult to measure these in the brain. A new study by Tamaki et al. reveals how the balance between excitation and inhibition oscillates as the brain moves through sleep stages and how this impacts upon memory consolidation and stabilization.

    • Sofia I. R. Pereira
    • Penelope A. Lewis
    News & Views
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