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Volume 23 Issue 8, August 2020

Volume 23 Issue 8

Mechanistic basis of working memory

The cover illustrates how the brain's previous experiences leave traces (represented by colored footsteps) that interfere with current memory representations.

See Barbosa et al.

Image credit: Pedro Podre. Cover design: Marina Corral Spence


  • Editorial |

    An overlooked bias in research practices and current global events call for a broader approach to addressing issues of diversity.

News & Views

  • News & Views |

    Citation count has become one of the most important methods to evaluate a scientist’s contributions. In an extensive analysis of citations from a number of leading neuroscience journals, Dworkin and colleagues find evidence of gender bias in citation practices that can have an adverse impact on women’s careers.

    • Adrienne L. Fairhall
    •  & Eve Marder
  • News & Views |

    Poll and colleagues examined the historical activity of hippocampal CA1 neurons during learning and memory recall using longitudinal two-photon in vivo imaging, providing evidence that extra neural ensemble activity disrupts memory recall in a mouse model of early Alzheimer’s disease.

    • Ryang Kim
    • , Naoki Yamamoto
    •  & Takashi Kitamura

Review Articles

  • Review Article |

    Recent studies separately address the neural representation of stimuli and its dynamics in networks that model neural interactions. Ju and Bassett review such recent advances and discuss the integration of neural representations and network models.

    • Harang Ju
    •  & Danielle S. Bassett


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