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Volume 22 Issue 7, July 2019

Microglia rebirth drives CNS remyelination

The regeneration of myelin following damage in various neurodegenerative disorders contributes to restoration of axonal health and function. Lloyd and colleagues reveal that remyelination requires the death of pro-inflammatory microglia by necroptosis, followed by repopulation by pro-regenerative microglia. The cover art image depicts a phoenix, a long-lived bird from Greek mythology that rises from the ashes following death to regenerate.

See Miron et al.

Image credit: Amy Lloyd using BioRender software. Cover design: Marina Corral Spence.

News & Views

  • A new study by Owen et al. shows that widely used optogenetic light delivery can heat brain tissue and produce changes in neural activity and behavior in the absence of opsins. How will this finding influence experimental design in the optical age of neuroscience?

    • Daniel F. Cardozo Pinto
    • Stephan Lammel
    News & Views


  • The creation of a murine Cre driver specific to CNS capillary pericytes has opened a major bottleneck in brain microvascular research. Using this tool, pericyte loss in the adult brain is shown to induce neuronal loss due to concurrent microcirculatory failure and depletion of the protective trophic factor pleiotrophin.

    • Andrée-Anne Berthiaume
    • Andy Y. Shih
    News & Views
  • Shahmoradian and colleagues report that the structure of Lewy bodies in Parkinson’s disease consists of α-synuclein and lipid vesicle clusters instead of the long-assumed amyloid fibril core. This finding has implications for our understanding of the underlying pathogenesis of synucleinopathies.

    • Tim Bartels
    News & Views
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