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Volume 22 Issue 2, February 2019

Whole-body imaging of neuronal projections

Cai, Pan et al. developed vDISCO technology to image cellular details in intact transparent mice through bones and skin. It enabled detection of widespread CNS trauma effects and revealed short vascular connections between the skull marrow and brain meninges. The cover image shows a view of neuronal projections in the upper torso of an intact adult mouse.

See Cai et al.

Image credit: Ali Ertürk. Cover design: Marina Corral Spence.

News & Views

  • In 2008, Vyazovskiy et al. published a seminal study demonstrating that sleep induces a widespread downscaling of synapses that counters the synaptic upscaling that occurred during prior wakefulness. The study laid the groundwork for current research into the ‘where’ and ‘when’ of homeostatic neuronal network regulation during sleep.

    • Niels Niethard
    • Jan Born
    News & Views


  • Experience unfolds continuously in time, but we remember discrete sequences of events. In this issue of Nature Neuroscience, Montchal et al. describe brain activity patterns that predict how well people remember precisely when recent events occurred. Converging evidence suggests that homologous neural machinery structures temporal representations in rats and people.

    • Matthew L. Shapiro
    News & Views
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