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  • Perineuronal nets stabilize synapses inhibiting synaptic plasticity. Here, the authors show that perineuronal nets act as a diffusion barrier facilitating astrocytic clearance of synaptically released ions and neurotransmitters.

    • Bhanu P. Tewari
    • AnnaLin M. Woo
    • Harald Sontheimer
    ArticleOpen Access
  • Dong et al. developed and validated κLight, δLight and µLight, a suite of genetically encoded opioid peptide sensors for probing opioid drugs and brain-region/circuit-specific opioid release in behaving animals.

    • Chunyang Dong
    • Raajaram Gowrishankar
    • Lin Tian
    Technical ReportOpen Access
  • Chopra and colleagues show that the hormone asprosin, independent of its effects on hypothalamic AgRP neurons, activates its cell surface receptor Ptprd on cerebellar Purkinje neurons to enhance thirst for maintenance of fluid homeostasis.

    • Ila Mishra
    • Bing Feng
    • Atul R. Chopra

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