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Volume 7 Issue 7, July 2022

Perovskites take to the field

Demonstration of manufacturability and outdoor operation of large-scale perovskite solar cells is key to improving their technological maturity. Now, Pescetelli et al. fabricate a large number of perovskite photovoltaic modules and integrate them into a 4.5-m2 outdoor solar farm, whose operation is monitored for 12 months.

See Pescetelli et al. , Research Briefing and News and Views by Silverman and Schelhas

Image: George Viskadouros and Emmanuel Kymakis, Hellenic Mediterranean University. Cover Design: Thomas Phillips.

Comment & Opinion

  • Critics have opposed clean energy public investment by claiming that governments must not pick winners, green subsidies enable rent-seeking behaviour, and failed companies means failed policy. These arguments are problematic and should not determine the direction of energy investment policies.

    • Jonas Meckling
    • Joseph E. Aldy
    • Julia Sweatman


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Research Highlights

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News & Views

  • All-perovskite tandem devices are promising due to their high efficiency and low cost but their development is hindered by narrow-bandgap absorbers. Now, researchers combine two large organic cations to improve the optoelectronic quality of narrow-bandgap tin–lead perovskites, enabling single-junction and tandem cells with enhanced efficiency and stability.

    • Pengchen Zhu
    • Jia Zhu
    News & Views
  • Electrification models used to plan future energy systems have become increasingly sophisticated, but typically oversimplify the financial landscape. New research shows that more accurate accounting of the costs of capital significantly changes the least-cost pathway to providing electrification across sub-Saharan Africa.

    • Jonathan T. Lee
    News & Views
  • Legal mandates are critical to supporting action on sustainable development goals and climate change targets. Yet, new research highlights the importance of initial endowments for energy transitions, and how they can lead to disparate outcomes across regions.

    • Shaikh M. S. U. Eskander
    News & Views
  • Metal halide perovskite solar cells have shown promising performance, but mainly on small-area devices and under laboratory conditions. Now, researchers have demonstrated the fabrication of large-area devices assembled and packaged into modules and reported on their operation outdoors.

    • Timothy J Silverman
    • Laura T. Schelhas
    News & Views
  • Nitrogen-coordinated iron catalysts are exciting potential replacements for platinum at the cathode of proton-exchange membrane fuel cells, but still tend to have poor long-term durability. Now, a thin and porous nitrogen-doped carbon film deposited at the surface of a highly active but unstable Fe–N–C catalyst is shown to drastically improve its stability.

    • Jean-Pol Dodelet
    News & Views
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Research Briefings

  • In a step towards the industrialization of perovskite photovoltaics based on 2D materials, the fabrication of numerous perovskite modules and panels and their integration into a standalone solar farm is demonstrated. Outdoor field tests provide insight into device performance under real-life conditions over 8 months.

    Research Briefing
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  • Often presented as a bridge technology to a future zero-carbon energy system, natural gas infrastructure expansion remains hotly debated. Here Kemfert et al. discuss recent research to argue how such expansion hinders climate targets and energy transitions and suggest how research can support better planning.

    • Claudia Kemfert
    • Fabian Präger
    • Hanna Brauers
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