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    Millions of refugees need heat and light, but many barriers prevent its sustainable supply.

    • Elisabeth Jeffries
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    The shade from trees reliably cools humans and the environment in which they live. Researchers are now trying to show how the energy savings of this ecosystem service can be measured.

    • Lisa Palmer
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    As renewable energy industries grow, a city in England is trying to understand if cultural tourism can be used to build an energy hub.

    • Elisabeth Jeffries
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    Old dams on rivers are rapidly finding renewed purpose as sources of small-scale community-driven power.

    • Eric Smalley
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    Through more transparent, and better targeted and smaller subsidies, India's government hopes to improve energy access for its neediest people.

    • Lucas Laursen
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    Could a partnership between a small town and a large utility help to transform the Australian electricity grid?

    • Michael Green
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    Meeting the world's energy needs requires the collective efforts of many different actors across a range of technologies and approaches. In this Feature, ten leading experts in energy research share their vision of the challenges their respective fields must address in the coming decades.

    • Robert C. Armstrong
    • , Catherine Wolfram
    • , Krijn P. de Jong
    • , Robert Gross
    • , Nathan S. Lewis
    • , Brenda Boardman
    • , Arthur J. Ragauskas
    • , Karen Ehrhardt-Martinez
    • , George Crabtree
    •  & M. V. Ramana