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  • Meeting carbon emissions commitments while providing necessary energy services means reducing fossil fuel consumption. This Review presents social science insights for increasing adoption of low-carbon and low-consumption technologies and engendering practice changes among households and organizations.

    • Paul C. Stern
    • Kathryn B. Janda
    • Loren Lutzenhiser
    Review Article
  • The capture, storage and conversion of gases such as hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide may play a key role in the provision of carbon-neutral energy. This Review explores the role of metal–organic frameworks — porous networks of metal ions or clusters connected by organic linkers — for such applications.

    • Alexander Schoedel
    • Zhe Ji
    • Omar M. Yaghi
    Review Article
  • Tracking the Sun's motion in concentrating photovoltaics by rotating the whole system is impractical and hinders commercial deployment. Instead, integrated-tracking approaches, which are discussed in this Review, are more suitable for low-cost, rooftop applications.

    • Harry Apostoleris
    • Marco Stefancich
    • Matteo Chiesa
    Review Article
  • Solar cells based on solution-processed colloidal quantum dots are promising alternatives to conventional devices. This Review discusses recent advances and outstanding challenges for the field of quantum dot solar cells towards their commercialization.

    • Mingjian Yuan
    • Mengxia Liu
    • Edward H. Sargent
    Review Article