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This month we look at redox-flow batteries, membranes for hydrocarbon separations, social factors in solar panels recycling and more.

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    • Understanding support for or opposition to energy developments — and how it varies with proximity — is important for effective planning. A new study using public comments on a regulatory review casts further light on the geography of discourse and how it might shape action on siting energy technology.

      • Hilary Boudet
      News & Views
    • Silicon-containing batteries are increasingly becoming a reality in the mass market, but their calendar aging behaviours have received comparatively little attention. Researchers from the Silicon Consortium Project discuss the issues surrounding the calendar lifetime of silicon anodes for lithium-ion batteries.

      • Josefine D. McBrayer
      • Marco-Tulio F. Rodrigues
      • Brian Cunningham
    • Adoption of distributed energy resources such as wind and solar can exacerbate energy inequality. A new study shows that inequality in opportunity to adopt renewable energy resources may already be baked into the grid infrastructure design.

      • Antonio Moreno-Munoz
      News & Views
    • The challenge of how to handle large volumes of silicon photovoltaic (PV) panels at the end of their 30-year lifetime is emerging. Now, a new study reveals that the efficacy of recycling and reuse interventions is underestimated if social factors such as the attitude of PV owners and the influence of peers are not considered.

      • Rong Deng
      • Nathan Chang
      • Martin Green
      News & Views
    • Metal–organic framework (MOF) membranes could lower the energy burden of molecular separations, but are impeded by challenges in fabricating defect-free MOF layers. Now, researchers design an electrochemical approach for growing high-performance MOF membranes on industrially relevant substrates.

      • Sankar Nair
      News & Views
  • Almost 30 years since the inception of lithium-ion batteries, lithium–nickel–manganese–cobalt oxides are becoming the favoured cathode type in automobile batteries. Their success lies primarily with their superior energy density relative to lithium–cobalt oxide, lithium–manganese oxide and lithium–iron phosphate electrodes.

    • Michael M. Thackeray
    • Khalil Amine
    Tales of Invention
  • The recent ruling in a Dutch court that Shell must curb its CO2 emissions is the latest in a series of legal moves bringing human rights concerns to bear on energy activities. This trend will have profound consequences for energy developments and for meeting climate goals.

    • Raphael J. Heffron
Social Dynamics of Energy Behaviour

Social Dynamics of Energy Behaviour

Energy use occurs in homes, workplaces and communities in which complex webs of social relations already exist, and social interactions routinely occur.