Oxygen ions passing through an interface while lithium ions are stopped

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This month we look at solid-state batteries, seawater electrolysis, energy inequality and more.  

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    • Photocatalytic hydrogen peroxide synthesis is a green approach to produce this widely-used chemical and potential energy carrier, yet performance is often poor. A porphyrin-based photocatalyst is now shown to produce hydrogen peroxide by an unusual mechanism involving both photoexcited electrons and holes with promising efficiency.

      • Yuanxing Fang
      • Xinchen Wang
      News & Views
    • Glass panes have been used in windows since the times of ancient Rome, but they exhibit poor thermal insulation. Aerogels made from silanized cellulose nanofibres are better thermal insulators and more transparent than glass, offering an approach to developing window products to reduce the loss of building heating and cooling energy.

      Research Briefing
    • Capping a three-dimensional metal halide perovskite with a layered, two-dimensional perovskite prevents ions from diffusing out of the perovskite keeping out oxygen and water as well as contributing to solar cell stability. New research shows that a thin cross-linked polymer layer can ensure that the boundary between the 3D and 2D materials remains sharp, further improving stability.

      • Michael D. McGehee
      News & Views
    • Conventional and emerging refrigeration technologies either use refrigerants with high-global warming potential (GWP) or require application of strong fields. Now, researchers demonstrate ionocaloric refrigeration based on the electrochemical tuning of the melting behaviour of zero-GWP materials under low applied field strength.

      • Si Wu
      • Tingxian Li
      News & Views
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On 21–23 September, Mission Innovation and the Clean Energy Ministerial will undertake joint ministerial meetings in Pittsburgh, USA for the Global Clean Energy Action Forum.