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Latest Research

  • Article |

    The growing deployment of solar panels in urban areas requires tools to determine their optimal placement and electricity yield. Towards this end, this study presents a simplified model based on the sky view and sun coverage factors and validates it using real-world data from different systems in different climates.

    • Andres Calcabrini
    • , Hesan Ziar
    • , Olindo Isabella
    •  & Miro Zeman
  • Article |

    Carrier recombination limits the power conversion efficiency of perovskite solar cells. Here the authors construct a planar p–n homojunction perovskite solar cell to promote the oriented transport of carriers and reduce recombination, thus enabling power conversion efficiency of 21.3%.

    • Peng Cui
    • , Dong Wei
    • , Jun Ji
    • , Hao Huang
    • , Endong Jia
    • , Shangyi Dou
    • , Tianyue Wang
    • , Wenjing Wang
    •  & Meicheng Li
  • Article |

    This Article presents a battery with protons as the charge carrier, as opposed to Li-ion batteries, which rely on the transport of Li-ions. Protons are conducted by means of the Grotthuss mechanism in a hydrated Prussian blue analogue electrode, offering potential for ultrafast rate and long-life batteries.

    • Xianyong Wu
    • , Jessica J. Hong
    • , Woochul Shin
    • , Lu Ma
    • , Tongchao Liu
    • , Xuanxuan Bi
    • , Yifei Yuan
    • , Yitong Qi
    • , T. Wesley Surta
    • , Wenxi Huang
    • , Joerg Neuefeind
    • , Tianpin Wu
    • , P. Alex Greaney
    • , Jun Lu
    •  & Xiulei Ji
  • Article |

    Blockchain-based distributed management of electricity systems is an important step towards making these systems more resilient. Although there are many implementations, here the researchers formalize a basic template for smart contracts that can be built upon for distributed electricity systems management.

    • Lee Thomas
    • , Yue Zhou
    • , Chao Long
    • , Jianzhong Wu
    •  & Nick Jenkins
  • Article |

    Luminescent solar concentrators are promising for semi-transparent, building-integrated photovoltaic systems. Here the authors minimize the absorption losses by relying on fast energy transfer in multiphase perovskite nanoplatelets to achieve optical quantum efficiency of 26% on 100 cm2 devices.

    • Mingyang Wei
    • , F. Pelayo García de Arquer
    • , Grant Walters
    • , Zhenyu Yang
    • , Li Na Quan
    • , Younghoon Kim
    • , Randy Sabatini
    • , Rafael Quintero-Bermudez
    • , Liang Gao
    • , James Z. Fan
    • , Fengjia Fan
    • , Aryeh Gold-Parker
    • , Michael F. Toney
    •  & Edward H. Sargent

News & Comment

  • Editorial |

    As the yellow vests protests in France continue despite rollback of planned fuel taxes, energy science and policy will have to rethink how they look at social unrest.

  • Research Highlight |

    • James Gallagher
  • News & Views |

    The answer to seasonal energy storage and security to support highly renewable power systems could lie deep under the seabed, where compressed air energy storage offers a route to long-term storage at large scales. Now, research models the potential for this in porous rock and finds a large capacity in saline aquifers offshore in the UK.

    • Michelle Bentham


Photovoltaic scale-up and deployment

Antal Thoma, CSEM

Photovoltaic scale-up and deployment

This Focus examines some of the challenges in scaling-up photovoltaic technologies from the laboratory to the real world and explores upcoming deployment routes.