Open calls for papers

Open calls for original primary research articles are published open access and online only.
All manuscripts submitted to an Open call for papers are assessed according to Nature Communications editorial criteria and are subject to all standard journal policies. If accepted for publication, an article processing charge applies (with standard waiver policy).

Open calls for papers welcome submissions from all authors – and not by invitation only – on the condition that the manuscripts fall within the scope of the Collection and of Nature Communications more generally.

Manuscripts submitted to an Open Call for papers may be considered unsuitable for inclusion, particularly if they fall outside the scope of the Collection. In such cases, manuscripts are still considered as regular Nature Communications submissions.



Collections that did not have an open call for papers feature articles that were selected by editors to highlight the journal’s contribution to a specific research field.

All articles underwent the journal’s standard editorial and peer review processes and were added to a collection after their publication.


Editors’ Highlights

Editors’ highlights are a small number of articles that our in-house editors select from the recently published articles in Nature Communications that they believe are particularly interesting or important.

The aim of Editors’ Highlights is to provide a convenient snapshot of some of the most exciting work published in the various research areas represented at Nature Communications.

All articles in the Editors’ highlights underwent the journal’s standard editorial and peer review processes and were added to this section after their publication.