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  • Type Ia supernovae are thought to result from the explosion of white dwarf stars but a full understanding of their formation is lacking. In this review, Howell describes how large surveys are generating sufficient data to challenge and refine existing theories.

    • D. Andrew Howell
    Review Article
  • Gravitational waves are predicted by general relativity, but their direct observation from astronomical sources hinges on large improvements in detection sensitivity. The authors review how squeezed light and other quantum optical concepts are being applied in the development of next generation interferometric detectors.

    • Roman Schnabel
    • Nergis Mavalvala
    • Ping K. Lam
    Review Article
  • Biologically active molecules can be identified through the screening of small-molecule libraries, but compound collections typically consist of large numbers of structurally similar compounds. Gallowayet al. review how diversity-oriented synthesis can efficiently generate structurally diverse compound libraries.

    • Warren R.J.D. Galloway
    • Albert Isidro-Llobet
    • David R. Spring
    Review Article